Monday, July 2, 2012

40th Reunion - 2012

WA-HI Class of 1972 - 40th Reunion

June 29, 30, and July 1, 2012

Reflections on Reunion

Did it seem to you that time stood still for the class of 1972? Not to me. Not at all. Well, maybe with the exception of watching Mike and Kathy Potter on the dance floor on Saturday night. That was a flashback to Sadie Hawkins for sure. But for the rest of the time, it was a fascinating lesson on how life’s twists and turns happen to all of us—taking us places we never dreamed we would be.
I was delighted when so many asked if I was still singing. “Yes,” I would reply. Singing was my identity for so many years, and it was nice to know I made an impact that way. But I’m now making bigger waves in my life and it impressed me beyond words to see how many others I talked to are doing the same. I wish I could have learned more about each of you, but reunions go by quickly and there is just too little time to fully reacquaint ourselves with everyone.
It was wonderful to learn that Gini Fine was working with mentally ill folks, trying to bring light into their lives. Rick and Cindy Walters are blossoming in a new business. Linda Barton is helping shape the future of young lives as a principal. Sheila Crumpacker and many others are also in the educational field. Kathy and Mike raised a passel of kids, some of whom desperately needed parents when their own mother died. Dare I mention how surprised I was to learn that our own John Hansens is a county coroner? That’s crazy. Just kidding, John. Anyway, the list goes on and on.
We are all living out our place in this world. I am inspired now more than ever to make sure I’m reaching out to others in a positive way. For I can see how time has not stood still and that we are on the back side of our lives. The class of 1972 still has much to accomplish and we will leave our mark on this planet. I’m confident of that now, and I don’t think I’m alone when I wish everyone the best of life’s blessings.
From now on, when I think of my classmates, I won’t be wondering what has become of them. I won’t be curious about who they have become and how they are impacting their world. And even though many of our friends have finished life here on earth, I know the remaining class of 1972 will go on to leave a legacy of impressive force.  - Jan Cherry Cline