Missing Classmates

These classmates, depsite Facebook, Ancestry.com and People Finders, have been able to elude detection!  If you know of their whereabouts, or if you are one of them, please contact us and let us know where you are!

Jim Anderson
Mabel Britton
Carlene Bull
Connie Cato
Barbara Cornell
Dennis Dryden
Bob Dubois
Carlene Ferguson
Alice Gabel
Connie Gaines
Gary Graybeal
Jim Hopkins
Denise Horn
Gayle House
Marian Kausche
Jann Kirk
LaVern Koerner
Darlene Lawrence
Teri Ligon
Mike Loveless
Debbie Lovett
Elverta Moller
Paula Nixon
Dale Peterson
Joann Pitman
Janice Rhoades
Debbie Shoemaker
Penny Witcher


  1. Jim Anderson is on Facebook. He lives up north of Seattle. I ran into him by mistake as I was looking at land which he owns. It was a small world moment.

    I hope he doesn't mind but here is his FB link. https://www.facebook.com/jim.anderson.71697092

  2. Fond memories of Girls Ensemble days.
    Laura Wilson